Website Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are one of the most valuable marketing channels there is. Internet-savvy buyers spend time researching products online before making a purchase or engagement decision. Every company that operates online needs search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Over 60% of all eCommerce traffic involves search.
  • 79% of people took a relevant action on their phone prior to making a purchase.

To maximize sales, retailers and brands must put a SEO plan in place that will increase their rankings and visibility on search engines.

Whenever a consumer is “ready to buy” and using a search engine to find information that’s relevant to your product or service, you must be found. These micro-moments are your opportunity to make a sell, obtain a loyal customer and close a deal.

What are you losing by not investing in a solid search engine optimization strategy?

Search Engine Optimization - Ready to Buy Moments
Think with Google

Ready to Create an SEO Plan for your Business?

Consumers have become research-obsessed. Today, people are searching more than ever. They want every decision to be an informed one. Even when consumers aren’t sure exactly what they want to buy, they rely on search for inspiration, ideas and answers to their questions.

Smart Solutions takes a holistic approach to search engine optimization. We focus on user experience design, architecture and content as well as your website’s technical implementation. We know exactly how to identify and resolve content, user interface and technical or structural issues that may keep your site from reaching its full potential.

A Great Relationship for Us

As designers, we had a strong opinion on how our website should look and almost no idea how to design one.  Smart Solutions interpreted our design language and translated it into a flexible, usable website that responds well to our diverse markets. We still rely on Smart Solutions for help along the way from adding new features to advice on hosting and other technical aspects.

John Lange, Principal, Marketing, Hord Coplan Macht